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Changing the face of syndicated motor yacht ownership is our passion

Boating Partnerships is the only syndication company with the official endorsement and support of Australia’s most awarded luxury motor yacht builder, Riviera.

Enjoy the full walk-on walk-off experience when owning your new Riviera and share it with up to six like minded individuals.

Boating Partnerships offers exclusive concierge services including catering, cleaning, laundry and refuelling. Easily book your usage online and track your maintenance. 

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Choose your desired location and find your ideal partnership

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Officially endorsed by Riviera Australia

Boating Partnerships is the only company with the full seal of approval from Riviera Australia. Together with Riviera Australia's extensive R Marine dealer network, Boating Partnerships offers vessels in some of Australia's most sought-after boating locations.

Each shareholder under the new arrangement enjoys all the benefits of being part of the global family of Riviera luxury motor yacht owners, as well as unrivalled after-market support of the R Marine network or Riviera and Belize dealers.

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Find out how we've made boat syndication so relaxing


Explore the East Coast of Australia

Boating gives you a front row seat to all that the Australian coastline has to offer. With Boating Partnerships, you're boat doesn't have to sit in the harbour it is berthed, our team of professional skippers can help relocate your vessel to the most beautiful waterways in the southern hemisphere. You could spend summer on your boat in Sydney and then enjoy winter exploring The Whitsundays and snorkelling the Great Barrier Reef.


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