Boating Partnerships was started by managing director Tom van Vliet to create small syndications in luxury Riviera motor yachts between like-minded individuals.

Tom designed the business structure to make syndicated ownership as relaxing and enjoyable as possible while ensuring the owners stay in control of their asset.

Boating Partnerships appeals to those who have limited time but have a genuine passion for luxury lifestyles and world-class motor yachts, and who wish to share the ultimate boating experience with families, friends or business colleagues.

With the main focus on the owner experience, Boating Partnerships operates under a completely transparent running cost structure meaning what it costs to own the boat is what is charged to the owners, much like owning a boat by yourself. 


To change the face of syndicated ownership

To provide clients with exceptional service, transparent running costs, exclusive services and an overall outstanding boating experience


Riviera and R Marine network relationship

We are the only syndication company endorsed and supported by Australia's most awarded luxury boat builder. Together with Riviera Australia's extensive R Marine dealer network, Boating Partnerships offers vessels in some of Australia's most desirable boating locations. Each shareholder in a Boating Partnerships arrangement enjoys the benefits of being part of the global family of Riviera luxury motor yacht owners. These benefits include unrivalled aftermarket support from the nationwide R Marine Network of Riviera and Belize dealers, Riviera's educational workshops and seminars, exclusive invitations to spectacular social events around the world and access to the marque's special experience voyages cruising with fellow Riviera owners. 


"We purchased a 25% share in a Riviera 6000 SY after investigating various syndicates and outright purchase options over 12 month. I am delighted with our choice of boat and our new boat manager Tom van Vliet. We felt Boating Partnerships offered a safe choice as the manufacturer endorses and supports them. We had not seen the boat before purchase and trusted Tom’s advice and judgment of the previous owners care and maintenance of our new investment."

- Tony and Tracey
East Coast travelling 6000 Sport Yacht, 'TeeJay'

"I would highly recommend to anyone who is looking at investing in a boat share syndication to have a talk to Tom.  He is the ultimate professional and you will be surprised how easy it is to be involved in a small syndication of large boats".

- Roger
East Coast travelling 6000 Sport Yacht, 'WINGS'

"I have owned boats for over 20 years, and always doubted the syndication concept, however, working with Boating Partnerships has enabled me to have a much bigger boat at very similar costs. The professionalism and excellent customer service that Tom and his team deliver with the ongoing management of the vessel is simply "second to none".

- Dominique
Sydney-based 6000 Sport Yacht