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Whats On this Month.

Monthly Driver training information night, 8th August at CYCA 6:30-8pm, Please feel free to join us for light refreshments afterwards. RSVP at

Sydney International Boat Show, Darling Harbour 1st-5th August. Come visit the Boating Partnerships team at Marina stands 182-183.

Champagne and Oyster Night 8th August from 6pm, RSVP at

Check out Luke the Riv Kid below as he recaps his week aboard a 4800 Sport Yacht.

Riviera 4800 Sport Yacht now Available in QLD.

Riviera 6000 & 5400 Sport Yacht ( Above ).

Riviera 6000 & 5400 Sport Yacht ( Above ).

Many thanks after the Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show

The Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show this year was a great success for our brand and was delivered to perfection by the team at Riviera Australia.

With the new release of the triple platnium range by Riviera, patrons of the event were taken back by the level of craftsmanship to deliver and present three new incredible boats.

Furthermore, We are proud to claim that we were lucky enough to get our hands on one! Congratulations to everyone from Riviera for delivering a great show.

Wings Our 6000SY Sells out, Another on the way…

Shares in our 6000 Sport Yacht Wings have recently sold out.

The Boat was known for Roaming the east coast, Spending its time split between Sydney, Gold Coast and Hamilton Island. While it has just sold out, Boating Partnerships is looking to start a new Syndication with 3 clients already keen to progress.

If you missed out on Wings, Don’t stress, Another 6000Sy partnership is expecting to commence shortly.

Riviera, 6000 Sport Yacht.

Riviera, 6000 Sport Yacht.


QLD Based 4800, 2 Shares Remain.

After the great success of the Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show, Boating Partnerships has only 2 shares left in our QLD based 4800 Sport Yacht.

Based at South port marina and Hamilton Island, This North end of Australia Roaming boat gives QLD Owners a piece of the pie in enjoying what our Sydney 4800 Owners have been since January.

20% Shares Available for $282,000. Only 2 Shares Remain.

BIA, the voice of the marine industry. Established in 1960.

BIA, the voice of the marine industry. Established in 1960.

Managing Director finds “Great value” at BIA Annual General meeting.

Tom van Vliet our Managing director attended BIA’S AGM last night to further strengthen our partnership in the industry and see how the industry is moving forward.

Good things are seen ahead as the meeting opened avenues for discussion about how both consumers and workers of the industry will benefit in the coming year. Boating Partnerships is proud to be a member of the BIA and constantly strive to uphold its values.

A big thank you to Alan Blake and the team from BIA for hosting us. See you on the harbour.